Saturday Art Club – Children’s Art Week Week 3: Literacy and Creative Writing

For this Saturday Art Club, we’re going to forget about our usual arty and messy activities, and explore creative writing instead. Inspired by Sharon Hayes’ May 1st, which only recently joined our TASTE! exhibition at the beginning of March, we’re going to be writing our own letters to those we
have missed during lockdown.
Sharon Hayes is an American artist who works across film, photography, performance, sound and text. She discusses themes of love and activism and her work often incorporates text from political speeches, protests, audio recordings, songs and letters- many of which have been drawn from the artist’s own experience.
May 1st are five letterpress prints together that compose an address to a lover and show Hayes’ interest in the overlaps between private and public, personal and political life.
Think about someone you have missed during lockdown, and write them a letter to tell them how you feel. Even if you have been able to see them now some of the restrictions have been eased, let them know how you felt the moment you were reunited.

You will need:

  • A4 white paper
  • Pen
  • Colouring pencils (if you’re still feeling your arty streak and want to decorate your letter)

Post your letters to the recipient or hand it to them the next time you see them. It will certainly bring a smile to their face during lockdown!

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