Saturday Art Club – Home Ornaments

Make your own “Home Ornaments” inspired by Daphne Wright’s artwork in our exhibition “Domestic Bliss”.

Daphne Wright was commissioned to produce this public art project during the redevelopment of the Gorbals housing estate in Glasgow. Instead of producing the expected large sculpture in a public space, she created a series of ornaments, one to be gifted to each resident for display on a specially designed shelf in their new flat. As we spend more time in our own homes, we have been inspired by Daphne Wright to collect and redesign our own home ornaments.

Take a look around your home and choose three or four objects you like. They can be anything! For example, we got some shells, teacups and small plants.

For this project you will also need a pencil, paper, scissors and glue. If you don’t have any paper, you can recycle some cardboard packaging, as we did!

Now look at your object and start drawing what you see with a continuous line – so without lifting the pencil from the paper!

Now it’s time to cut them out and decorate them! We have decided to use images and colours from other bits of packaging and glued them on, creating some quite original plants! We have then recreated the shells adding smaller piece of paper to the original cut-out.

But there is no limit to creativity, so feel free to reinvent your objects with any other materials and colours you can find, and add it to their basic cut-out.

How are your finished home ornaments looking like? We hope they make you appreciate your home even more! Share your creations with us on social media! #homeornaments #SaturdayArtClub

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