Saturday Art Club – Ice Painting!

This Saturday Art Club is going to be a wee bit different as we’re using ice as one of our materials! This is inspired by Ilana Halperin’s sound work in Domestic Bliss, Vatnajökull, the Farthest North (2002) which is a recording that captures the natural phenomenon of ice crystals melting in water and was made on the banks of an Icelandic lagoon at the foot of the glacier Vatnajökull. 

This is a fun activity to do on a hot summer’s day (although this might be wishful thinking in Glasgow!). Using ice paints can get quite messy so put on your old comfy clothes and be prepared to get colourful and creative!

What you will need: 

  • Ice cube tray and water 
  • Food colouring 
  • Skewer or cocktail stick
  • Paper
  • Old magazines or newspapers 

Step 1: Fill the ice cube tray with water 

Step 2: Drop about two drops of colouring into each cube. Use the skewer or cocktail stick – or anything you find suitable- to give it a little stir to make sure it’s all mixed well. The more colouring you add, the richer the colour

Step 3: Freeze overnight 

Step 4: Once ready, place the cubes into a bowl. Cover your table with old newspapers or magazines for the mess. Have another bowl of warm, soapy water and a towel nearby so the kids can clean (and warm!) their hands.

Step 5: Begin to paint with the ice cubes! Be as creative as you can and make a colourful ice painting, like ours below!

Remember to share your paintings with us on social media! #SaturdayArtClub

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