Saturday Art Club – Wisniewski’s windows

Did you know that our galleries were originally called after natural elements?

Adrian Wisniewski used the colours of these elements to make the beautiful windows that you see on the stairs. Get involved and create your own stained glass windows!

You will need:

  • old envelopes or scrap paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • something coloured and flat (we used tissue paper, but you can use anything you find at home, like sweetie wrappers)

1. Cut the envelope in half
2. Cut out squares on the folded part of the envelope.
3. You’ll now have the holes for your windows!
4. Apply glue along the edges of the square.

5. Choose your coloured tissue paper or other material and stick on top of the square
6. Turn the envelope around and you’ll have your very own stained glass window!

Share your results in the comment section or on social media!

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