Sea of Paperwork

‘Sea of Paperwork’

Sea of Paperwork
COMMONSpace – Gallery 2
Saturday 22 Janaury – Sunday 27 March 2022

The exhibition presents the creative processes behind the printed publication of the same name, offering an insight into the thoughts and feelings of the young people involved in the development of the themes explored relating to migration, asylum and integration. 

These are represented through a series of original artworks created by the young people themselves, alongside a video of the illustration process for the final print. As part of the exhibition we welcome you to leave a comment, and to reflect on the importance of the young people’s perspectives.

The participatory workshops took place from 2018 to 2019. Previously exhibited at the CCA, the themes discussed within the project are more relevant than ever. Through this exhibition, we continue to create spaces for discussion to highlight the importance of welcoming people in our communities. 

Copy of the book is available at (suggested donation of £5)

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