Sharing COMMONSpace

Sharing COMMONSpace
9 September – 1 October 2023
 COMMONSpace – Gallery 2

This exhibition is a result of the Gallery of Modern Art youth engagement programme called the GoMA Youth Group (GYG). This show is the result of the GYG’s summer programme, ‘Making COMMONSpace’. The GYG organised and facilitated a series of workshops and events on topics and issues emerged from a public consultation. They wanted this to be a space to relax, hang out, and appreciate each other’s creativity.

The GoMA Youth Group (GYG) is a collective of young people aged 16-25 working with the Gallery of Modern Art to design and deliver a youth centred programme of events with the intention to use art to connect with other young people in Glasgow.

GoMA Youth Group members 22/23: Claire MacKenzie, Dorottya Szanka, Eden Dodd, Jeanette Croen, Jordan McKibbens, Josey-Ann Green, Lucy Arthur, Malini Chakrabarty, May Wang, Rowan McCann, Sabrina Wei, Thai Grou.

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