Date: 30 October 2003 – 7 March 2004
Space: Gallery 1

Video installation by Scottish artists Dalziel + Scullion exploring issues surrounding the natural world. The work was commissioned especially for GoMA and consists of a large, back-projection screen between the Corinthian columns.

The installation takes its title from a quote by the Scottish environmentalist, John Muir who described nature as ‘a storm of energy, eternally flowing from use to use, from beauty to yet higher beauty’. The artists in collaboration with the botanist and ecologist Dr. Hugh Ingram, visited various sites across Scotland and took photographs which revealed the ecological circumstances they encountered. The images from Storm were accompanied by layers of sound, conveying scientific information about a deep reality that surrounds us but often goes unnoticed. By photographing the sites in an objective way, Dalziel + Scullion ask the question – are our notions of reality and of beauty solid facts, or are they also in a continual state of flow and flux, equally dependent on time and circumstances?

Artists: Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion

• Iain Gale, ‘Storm’, Scotland on Sunday, 2 November 2003
• Mother Nature’s Dark Side,preview by Moira Jeffrey,The Herald, 24 October
Jack Mottram, ‘Storm’, The List, 16 – 30 October 2003 

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