that sinking feeling

Title: that sinking feeling
Date: 11 September 2021 – 9 January 2022
Space: COMMONSpace – Gallery 2

that sinking feeling is the final output from the 2020/21 GoMA Youth Group (GYG), a collective of young people aged between 16 and 25. This year’s GYG have been working with us since September 2020. Through this collaboration, they hope to help us develop the Gallery as a space where young people feel represented. 

We are currently living in an age of a global pandemic and a climate crisis. Too often, the voices of young people have been ignored. that sinking feeling, taken from the title of a 1979 film set in Glasgow, is a creative exploration of the experiences of young people living through this turbulent time. For many of us, the pandemic and climate crisis have brought losses in our lives. Yet, navigating through this, we have also found new ways of living and finding joy.

that sinking feeling displays artworks by 6 members of the group. The other 4 members were responsible for curating the show.

GoMA Youth Group members: Lily Allspaugh, Aqsa Arif, Benjamin Hall, Jennifer Logan, Natalie Lorimer, Hayley McDonald, Emily Brooks Millar, Kirsty Reid, Connor Ross, Hollie Wade

The GoMA Youth Group is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine.

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