The 2001 Jerwood Painting Prize

The 2001 Jerwood Painting Prize
Date: 6 July – 21October 2001
Space: Temporary Exhibition

Exhibition of work five short-listed for 2001 Jerwood Painting Prize alongside winner Katie Pratt.

Established by the Jerwood Foundation in 1993 and based on the idea of finding art in painting, as a medium that constantly is renewing and defining itself, the Jerwood Painting Prize is the largest single prize for painting in the United Kingdom. It is open to professional artists of any age working in the UK in order to celebrate originality and excellence in contemporary painting.

Previously displayed at the Jerwood Gallery in London from May 5th to June 17th and later presented at GoMA, the exhibition include five short-listed artists alongside winner Katie Pratt’s work, which received the £30,000 prize.

Artists: Peter Archer, Basil Beattie, Ian Davenport, Marta Marcé, Timothy Renshaw, Katie Pratt

Prize winning work – Delphinium, Katie Pratt (b.1969), Jerwood Collection

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