The Paisley Project: Reality & Fiction

The Paisley Project: Reality & Fiction
Date: 13 June – 30 June 2002
Space: Gallery 1

Six-part exhibition of site specific works by artist Inge Gutbrod in Glasgow and Paisley.

Know for working with paraffin wax creating installations, site specific works and sculptures, Inge Gutbrod has created six works for six different public places in Glasgow and Paisley. Every work responds to the characteristics of these places. In order to visit the entire exhibition, the visitors need to move from one place to another.

GoMA presentsed Reality & Fiction: two iron tables standing in front of a window showing two wax spheres. The visitors can look inside the spheres through a hole. While one set is grey inside and it is called ‘reality,’ the other one is bright blue and take the name of ‘fiction.’ Both the colours influence the space: the grey narrows the area inside the spheres while the blue opens it to ‘infinity.’

Artists: Inge Gutbrod

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