Transit Zone

Transit Zone
Dates: 9 – 26 June 2016
Space: Balcony 1 and 2

Transit Zone presents the photographic work of Iman Tajik and Frederik Subei who lived with refugees in a campsite, in France.

Iman Tajik and Frederik Subei travelled to Calais, France, in 2015 where they spent time living with refugees in the makeshift campsite dubbed ‘The Jungle’, which was home to an estimated 6000 people. The artists produced a series of atmospheric and moving photographs and films’ showing what life is like for refugees living day to day in The Jungle. Here, they exist in limbo, determined and full of hope of that one day they can cross the border to Britain and a better life.

The artists’ work in concerned with human rights, social events and politics and the influence of mainstream media on public perceptions about refugees and asylum seekers. Transit Zone offers an insight into the reality of life for refugees, behind today’s media.

Artists: Iman Tajik and Frederik Subei

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