YoHoArt Exhibition at Yorkhill

YoHoArt Exhibition at Yorkhill
Dates: 8 -15 October 2014
Venue: Yorkhill Hospital

An exhibition of work made during the residency at Yorkhill Hospital by Hans Clausen in collaboration with young people either staying there or visiting Outpatient departments.

Hans Clausen, was the artist in residence selected to work at Yorkhill Children’s Hospital. GoMA worked with Sarah Barr, the Activities Coordinator for the Young People’s Service and we have had incredibly interesting discussions about article 31 of the UNCRC and that right to access culture, the arts and play. Does a child’s right to article 31 stop as soon as they enter the medical institution or does it become solely about therapy, escape or entertainment? When is it seen as a fundamental right?

Revista Mesa on YoHoART

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