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GoMA at 25

Like all museums and galleries across the world our plans for 2021 are ever changing and responding to the extraordinary times that we are currently living in. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that GoMA will be 25 this year and that marks a moment in the history of the organisation that we felt we couldn’t miss, even though we may not be able to programme exhibitions and events or gather to celebrate in the way that we would have loved to for this year.

Polygraphs // Gallery 4 // now open

Polygraphs is a group exhibition exploring truth, fiction and evidence in a complicated world. Centred around Abstract (2012), a two-channel video work by Berlin based filmmaker and writer Hito Steyerl,… Read more Polygraphs // Gallery 4 // now open


ATELIER PUBLIC#2 20 FEBRUARY – 27 MAY 2014 ATELIER PUBLIC#2 is a re-presentation of a 2011 exhibition at GoMA where members of the public were invited to make artworks using materials available in the gallery. In the spirit of ATELIER PUBLIC, I would like to invite you to use the materials to make new work, which will be installed in this gallery for other visitors to see. These materials may change over the course of the 13 weeks the exhibition is open, and your works may be used by others… Read more ATELIER PUBLIC#2

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