20 FEBRUARY – 27 MAY 2014

ATELIER PUBLIC#2 is a re-presentation of a 2011 exhibition at GoMA where members of the public were invited to make artworks using materials available in the gallery. In the spirit of ATELIER PUBLIC, I would like to invite you to use the materials to make new work, which will be installed in this gallery for other visitors to see. These materials may change over the course of the 13 weeks the exhibition is open, and your works may be used by others as part of their creative and playful practice in the studio. As in 2011, I have also invited some artists to work within the parameters of the framework of ATELIER PUBLIC#2 and develop this installation.

These artists have been instrumental in the development of ATELIER PUBLIC#2 and the events, talks and workshops that run alongside the exhibition. Along with colleagues, we have discussed notions of the ‘tyranny of materials’; permission; democracy and the nature of our invitation to you, and I now look forward to seeing what you create and find of interest in this exhibition.

Please note ATELIER PUBLIC#2 will be closed on Mondays to give us time to reflect on, and record, the exhibition.

Katie Bruce
Producer Curator
GoMA 2014

ATELIER PUBLIC#2 is part of the Included Programme for Glasgow International 2014 (3–21 April 2014)

We are interested in how you share and play with this work online. The hashtag for Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and You Tube is #ATELIERPUBLIC, and you can follow us @GlasgowGoMA


ATELIER PUBLIC #2 has been developed by GoMA in collaboration with staff, Modern Edinburgh Film SchoolEmma BalkindBrian HartleyAnthony SchragTS BeallClaire Docherty, Sonic BothyTom Nolan, Catherine PaytonStephanie Lu, Arthur Dimsdale and Sofia Rodriguez.

Thursday 10 April, 5 -7 pm
Destruction is part of any creative act! There will be a special commissioned destruction event mid-way through this exhibition. Anyone wishing to protect an artwork is invited to attend this event to do so. All other artworks will be open to destruction. This event is open to the public.

Saturday 12 April, times tbc
Drawing on a number of influences, texts, archives and actions on themes of moving image and live art as counterparts, including responses from different generations of artists in Glasgow working with performance and film, memories of the real NRLA, the CCA exhibition “What we have done, what we are about to do” from material from Third Eye Centre, and the plays of French-born American artist Guy de Cointet, this discrete event “the National Review of live art” forms part of Modern Edinburgh Film School’s appearance at Atelier Public, with a project which looks at ideas of the fictional in film to be performed in public spaces. Programmed from a set of identified works alongside an Open Call, and staged like a play, it will also include an edition featuring essays on Dinda Fass, Michelle Hannah, Lauren Gault and Catherine Street and an anthology of artists’ poetry and texts, while film, video and spoken word come from artists including Karen Cunningham, Jenny Brady, Stuart Fallon, Yelena Popva, Sandra Fruebing, Krisdy Shindler, Andrew Gannon among others to be announced.

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Thursday 17 April 5.30 -7.30 pm
Wide Open Public

In the last decade there has been an upsurge of interest from both cultural and civic sectors in the United States to animate and reimaginate the public sphere. How are artists creating spaces of possibility and negotiation for interaction and living with one another? How does this make our cities more vibrant places to live? What does it mean for the role and mission of cultural institutions? ] Sarah Schultz, Curator of Public Practice at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota will talk about Open Field and other experimental public art projects in the US that suggest new creative models of what it means to be public.
The Lighthouse, Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1
Programmed as part of Velocity Talks

Sunday 27 April, 1 -3 pm
ADULT ART CLUB – ATELIER (outdoors, indoors) PUBLIC
Be playful! Add colour to the streets using chalk spray. Indoors make, play and explore ATELIER PUBLIC#2

Tuesday 27 May, 11 am – 4 pm
Join us for the public de-installation day at the end of the exhibition, where you are welcome to claim work from the ATELIER PUBLIC#2.

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