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Here is the information on the upcoming sessions for our Adult Art Afternoons which started at the beginning of this year. They are on every Sunday 1 -3 pm for ADULTS (16+) and are Drop in, but spaces are limited and you need to be here from 1pm.
(please note some sessions may change theme at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances)

16 February
Adult Art Afternoons – Make Your Own Paintbrushes
Explore mark making and painting. Make painting tools using unusual materials. Please bring along an interesting bundle of materials and scraps.

23 February
Adult Art Afternoons – experimental drawing
In this experimental drawing class we will explore the use of charcoal. No experience is necessary and all materials will be provided.

2 March
Adult Art Afternoons – Painting in Defence of Migrants
Looking at the wonderfully sinister painting by Steven Campbell – explore his work, be inspired, draw & paint.

9 March
Adult Art Afternoons – Drawing on clay
Enjoy using numerous tools and techniques on a slab of clay. Explore mark-making and motifs by gouging, rolling, pinching and imprinting.

16 March
Adult Art Afternoons – Conflict Monoprints
Combine painterly strokes, bold colour, and speedy production, to make your own monoprints.

23 March
Adult Art Afternoons – Film screening
The Way Things Go’ a film by artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss. A fun, quirky but ingenious work of art. (purchased as part of Art Fund International)

30 March
Adult Art Afternoons – Aletorics
Cut, paste, type, collage, print! Use words from books, magazines, newspapers to make a picture inspired by Sue Tompkins

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