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Tag: Contemporary art

Artworks that have been purchased, supported by grants or gifted to Glasgow Museums in 2023

This post looks at some of the incredible modern and contemporary artworks that have been purchased, supported by grants or gifted to Glasgow Museums this year.

Use as Much Pressure as Possible (2020 – 2023) by Sam Ainsley, Scott Myles and Ciara Phillips

Use as Much Pressure as Possible is an exciting new collaborative artwork that cuts through the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) by artists Sam Ainsley, Scott Myles and Ciara Phillips.

New exhibition in COMMONSpace

Riso Prints by Mammas Write and the Oasis Women’s Group COMMONSpace, Gallery 2Until 14 January 2024 This exhibition presents a series of prints developed through workshops with Maryhill Integration Network’s… Read more New exhibition in COMMONSpace

Sam Ainsley – Wednesday is Cobalt blue, Friday is Cadmium red

Wednesday is Cobalt blue, Friday is Cadmium red is Glasgow-based artist Sam Ainsley’s  first major exhibition in the city for over 30 years.

A Life In Pictures . Page 116 to page 120 . Canongate 2010 by Alasdair Gray … Only the last was completed. It was based on sketches and ideas for the Monkland Canal picture.I had given up trying to paint as a third year art student in 1955. Almost 4 feet by 8 it is still my best big oil painting. The buildings are shown accurately in relation to each other, though the road up to the canal on the right and downhill on the left was actually straight, with the central road ( leading to the city's destructor plant ) at right angles to it , so a sliding viewpoint shows the place from Port Dundas in the north to St Aloysius Church in the south round an angle of 180 degrees. this bent perspective means that the distant gas lantern on the right and the near one on the left are different views of the same . The near electrical street lamp with the old man on the right are both distantly viewed in the left. ( In 1955 street lighting still had a few gas lamps in proximity to electric ones. ) The picture also has a time shift . The foreground faces belong to the couple whose figures are downhill left.

Glasgow Life Museums acquires famous oil painting by legendary Scottish artist Alasdair Gray

Alasdair Gray’s iconic painting, Cowcaddens Streetscape in the Fifties, has been acquired for Glasgow’s museum’s collection.

BANKSY: CUT & RUN – big reveal

We’ve been keeping a secret – but now it’s finally out there. BANKSY’s at GoMA!!!!
16 June – 28 August 2023
Tickets – £15Adult || £5Child ||£10Student/OAP/low waged/tight fisted || Carers free
A limited amount of walk up tickets are available each day from the box office.

Nichola Scrutton: Night Vision | GoMA 20 May 3pm

Following the release of an album and first performance in April, Nichola Scrutton’s Night Vision will have a second performance in GOMA Gallery 4 on Saturday 20th May 2023 at 3pm. The work has a flexible form and is part conducted and improvised, so each performance will vary.

The performance will last approximately 30 mins and tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Create Space in COMMONSpace

For the next three months (March-May 2023) COMMONSpace will be taken over by a Create Space. Derived from our work on Play and programmes such as Art for Baby, this… Read more Create Space in COMMONSpace