Nichola Scrutton: Night Vision | GoMA 20 May 3pm

Following the release of an album and first performance in April, Nichola Scrutton’s Night Vision will have a second performance in GOMA Gallery 4 on Saturday 20th May 2023 at 3pm. The work has a flexible form and is part conducted and improvised, so each performance will vary.

The performance will last approximately 30 mins and tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Night Vision is a contemplative, dynamic work that crosses territory between concert, theatre, live art, visual art, and combines spoken word, voice sound and soundscape. At its core is a large body of text written during the night over a two-year period, lying down in a semiconscious state – a very different starting place for Nichola as a composer and artist.

The vocal performers are Alison Peebles, Louise Montgomery, Ian Spink, Nerea Bello, Belle Jones.

Director/conductor: Nichola Scrutton
Live Sound: Stevie Jones
Outside Eye: Nicholas Bone
Producer: Nichola Scrutton

Twitter: https://twitter.comNicholaScrutton

Many thanks to Katie Bruce and GOMA

Night Vision is supported by Creative Scotland and Glasgow Life-Glasgow Museums

MAIN IMAGE: still from Night Vision at CCA, 28 April 2023 Photo. © Julie Broadfoot

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