A Response to being in GoMA on School Placement

The following post is from Ferran who has been an enthusiastic member of the team in GoMA for the past week. He was on a one week school placement and spent time with different teams in the building. Everything from front of house duties to writing this blog entry.

Thanks Ferran and look forward to seeing you back at GoMA.

The GoMA Team.

GoMA Listened to Me

My experience from working at the GoMA has been really beneficial to my love art and my academic career. I have been here a week for ‘work experience’ and have really enjoyed myself. It’s really thrilling for me to have had an insight to how the gallery is run and, especially, to be so close to the art work.

Before I came, my view of modern art was to an extent quite stereotypical. I didn’t see much artistic license or point in it. Being close to the exhibits and discussing contemporary art with other employees in the building has helped broaden my mind when judging modern art. My understanding is now better. I’ve become more enthusiastic in my want to become an artist. With this better understanding of contemporary art I feel that I have gained a new strength which can help me in a later career in art.

I am even trying to convince more of my peers to take an interest in modern art and not to judge it by uneducated, stereotypical views. For instance, I have recently written an article on Facebook on a Niki de Saint Phalle work, ‘Alter to a dead cat’. I feel that the GoMA has really opened doors for me, not just the experience of working, but also being able understand the art world, what it takes to be a professional artist, what inspires contemporary art, how the art is executed and what I would need to succeed in an artistic career. I’m certainly going to visit more often. I wish more people could share a better enthusiasm for the art on display. It’s really something!

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