Cellular World // GI Director’s Programme at GoMA

Cecile B Evans
Cécile B. Evans, Something tactical is coming. (2018) Courtesy of Cécile B. Evans, Glasgow International, Renaissance Society (Chicago) and Chateau Shatto, Photo credit Yuri Pattison.

GoMA are delighted to be working with GI2018 again and the new Director Richard Parry for a stunning show in Gallery 1. Cellular World: Cyborg-Human-Avatar-Horror is a group exhibition featuring works by nine internationally renowned artists that introduces the key thematic concerns of this year’s Glasgow International Director’s Programme.

We live in a world where technology plays a large and changing role in everyday life. In an age of social media, most of us will have avatars – versions of ourselves – online, prompting us to question how we are represented and how we represent ourselves. At the same time, we are at a historical moment where the future frequently appears as a precipice between utopia and dystopia.

The works on show explore questions of identity and individual and collective consciousness at a time of prolific social change and uncertainty, when reality can often seem more like science fiction.

Artists: Joseph Buckley, Jamie Crewe, Jesse Darling, Cécile B. Evans, Lynn Hershman-Leeson, E. Jane, Sam Keogh, Mai-Thu Perret, John Russell

We are currently installing and the exhibition will open on 20 April and run until 7 October 2018.

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