Katy Dove Launches the Moving Image Season in Gallery 1

Still from ‘Stop It’ (2006) , Katy Dove, © the artist’s estate
Still from ‘Stop It’ (2006) , Katy Dove, © the artist’s estate

GoMA warmly invites you to the launch of an artist moving image season on Thursday 16 April 5.30 -7.30pm with four works from Glasgow Museums’ Collection by Katy Dove (1970 – 2015): Motorhead (2002), Luna (2004), Stop It (2006) and Sooner (2007).

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GoMA launches an artist moving image season with four works by Katy Dove as part of Ripples on the Pond. Dove’s animations often start by making a set of instinctive, abstract drawings using watercolours or felt-tip pen. The freeness of this process of automatic drawing, similar to improvisation in music, produces concrete forms from intuitive feelings and thoughts without translating them into words.

The hand-made, tactile quality of her drawings is still evident after they are scanned to computer, when they become the point of departure for other visual and aural elements, creating movement through layering, reversing, pulsing and repeating.

The four animations exhibited reflect Dove’s interest in the relationships between sound and moving image, intuition and perception, harmony and disharmony. By creating an immersive environment, they correspond to her affinity with nature and study of psychology, leading to explorations of how the ‘mind makes contact with the world through the body.’

GoMA would like to thank Katy Dove’s family, partner and friends, particularly Kirsteen Macdonald, for writing the text & Charlotte Prodger, Isla Leaver-Yap and Anna McLauchlan for their support and advice on the installation.

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