Glasgow International 2016 – Cosima Von Bonin: Who’s Exploiting Who In The Deep Sea?

Glasgow International 2016: Cosima Von Bonin
Dates: 7 April – 7 August 2016
Space: Gallery 1

Cosima Von Bonin’s exhibition Who’s Exploiting Who In The Deep Sea? brought together a series of work from 2006 onwards exploring the artist’s affection for the creatures of the sea.

Working with textiles, music, sculpture, performance, video and painting, Von Bonin’s practice is varied and often collaborative in nature.

The artist’s cast of characters are a host of contradictions – approachable creatures who are reminiscent of childhood companions are not what they seem. Weaving together humour with melancholy, these sculptures have ambiguous roles and feelings. Von Bonin is able to use these creatures as agents to explore art history, popular culture and craft, to destabilise perceived constructions of feminism. She created her own crew to explore the deep sea, where, as an analogy of the human condition it is a true place of the unknown.

The exhibition was co-curated by director Sarah McCrory and Sculpture Center curator Ruba Katrib.

Artist: Cosima von Bonin


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