Interremoteness for Fulltime Life

Interremoteness for Fulltime Life
Date: 11 December 2003 – 15 February 2004
Space: Gallery 3

Video installation comprised of the videos You Were Always On My Mind and Romulus & Remus by Glasgow-based performance artist David Sherry, including documentary material (texts) from his recent performances.

David Sherry makes work that explores the impact of small changes and interruptions to the strictures and structures of daily life. Sherry defines interremoteness as ‘the idea of being part of something, but being removed from it’. His performances contain an element of dark humour as he deliberately disrupts – even subtly– the ordinariness of everyday life. For this exhibition, Sherry showed work from performances in shops where he went right before the closing time and waited until someone asked him to leave. Another video depicted the figure of a headless corpse walking on the streets of Glasgow under the rhythm of the song ‘You were always on my mind’. His goal was to ‘investigate settled patterns of communication and systematic processes of day to day life.’

Artists: David Sherry

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