Mindful Art – Nature Collage

Are you looking for ways to feel calmer, happier? Why not try some of our mindful art techniques at home? 

For the last month of summer, we’re going to create a nature collage made out of natural materials that you find, either in your garden or out on a walk. We’re taking inspiration from the artists in our collection who use natural resources, or the theme of nature, as the basis of their work, including Andy Golsdworthy, Aaron Angell and Ilana Halperin. We explore the subject nature regularly within our Mindful Art posts, so make sure to check out previous activities.

Once you have collected your materials, such as leaves, flowers, petals, twigs etc., gather them with the rest of the required resources and find a tranquil spot in either your home or garden. We suggest to begin with a short mediation, followed by the activity itself. There are several free short meditations online, but we suggest this guided meditation that fits in perfectly with our nature theme:

There are also some useful tips on the Glasgow Club website: https://myglasgow.club/customer/index.php/mind

You will need: 

  • Collected natural materials 
  • Blank paper- white or coloured
  • Glue 

Begin by arranging your materials onto the paper. Play around and explore what colours and textures look best together. 

Remember to enjoy the process and try not to judge the result. Hopefully, this activity will demonstrate that you don’t need lots of artistic resources and skills to create something beautiful. This activity is all about using what’s around us and at the same time encouraging us to relax and take things slow. 

Once finished, finish off your session with another short meditation. Compare how you feel now to the beginning of the activity. Do you feel more positive and relaxed? Taking some time each day to be mindful, even if it’s just ten minutes, can have a huge impact on your mental wellbeing. 

If comfortable, share your creation with us either in the comments or on social media. #MindfulArt

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