Family Create Space, Gallery 2
21st February – 27th May 2013

WATERCOLOURS opened alongside Rachel Mimiec’s exhibition – PLOUGH. It was curated by the artist as part of her Associate Artist work with Red Road Family Centre Nursery. There were two works in the exhibition. The main work was the film ‘WATERCOLOURS’ which showed the watercolour paintings made by children from Red Road Family centre nursery during workshops with Rachel.

The was accompanied by framed photographs of work and workshops by the children in the nursery setting after each session. Mimiec visited the nursery over several weeks last year and brought different materials and activities each time. The children played, explored and built up their confidence with the materials on offer to make some really exciting artworks. GoMA and Rachel Mimiec would like to thank the children and staff at Red Road Family Centre Nursery for all their hard work and Hugh Watt for editing the film.

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