Rhona Warwick Paterson/ Associate Artist

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Rhona Warwick Paterson is announced as the latest Associate Artist for the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). Her tenure will be from September 2019 culminating in September 2021 as part of the gallery’s 25 anniversary programming. This follows on from Rachel Mimiec (2011 -13), Rachel Duckhouse (2014), Mitch Miller and Alberta Whittle (2018 -19) who have worked with GoMA staff and the programme as a catalyst for new work and events.

The role of the Associate Artist is to provide a challenge to the building and to use the opportunity to research areas of ‘mutual curiosity’ on agreed themes. In this case Rhona Warwick Paterson will respond to the exhibition Domestic Bliss and GoMA’s history as a home and Royal Exchange. Through this role the gallery hopes to develop a shared idea of the critical questions the artist will ask during the time they are able to spend with the staff and see how that can inform the development of the core programmes within the gallery.

Warwick Paterson has proposed a series of duets with a number of collaborators that respond to the histories of the GoMA building and the themes within Domestic Bliss. These include visual artists, writers, performers and singers. We are delighted that one of these collaborators will be London and Paris based research centre Theatrum Mundi which has emerged through conversations with the artist from their event Homemade – a long weekend of discussions, performances, readings and screenings at Glasgow’s Civic House that revealed the invisible ways that artists’ homes underpin the cultural life of the city as part of Architecture Fringe 2019.

‘’ My work often manifests through various different mediums, working with the written form, sculpture and performance as strategies to address the means by which our interpretation and digestion of cultural matter (histories, artefacts, urban experience) produce us as social subjects.

The opportunity to work with GoMA presents fresh approaches to work in open dialogue with a range of people on ideas surrounding the ‘home’ as a site for creative production, extending this idea to GoMA – itself a former home. I hope to build a body of ideas through events and interventions that reconfigure and assert the home as a visible space in the cultural infra-structure. These ‘Living Room Laments’ will transpose boundaries between private and public, placing GoMA at the heart of these playful inversions.” Rhona Warwick Paterson October 2019

read the full press release here Media release Rhona Warwick Paterson GoMA Associate Artist 8 October 2019


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