Scribbles by Hollybrook

Scribbles by Hollybrook
13- 29 May 2016

Scribbles by Hollybrook is a social enterprise company established in January 2014 by the 3rd-year pupils at Hollybrook Academy, a school for pupils with additional support needs based in Glasgow.

They created Scribbles to display and sell pupils’ artwork as part of their 3rd-year business course. All proceeds from this go to The Royal Children’s Hospital, formally Yorkhill Children’s Hospital, a place the majority of them have attended throughout their life.

Since it was established, Scribbles have donated 100% of their profits, over £600, to Yorkhill Children’s Trust.

Scribbles has given the pupils an amazing opportunities to gain real world experiences and gain business skills while giving back to a great charity. They have partnered with IKEA, Glasgow, where they had an exhibition in 2014, and IKEA kindly supplied the frame for the exhibition in GoMA.

In 2015, pupils worked with McTear’s Auctioneers to set up an international online art auction. Natasha Raskin, McTear’s pictures specialist and a regular on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt and Antiques Road Trip, visited Hollybrook and demonstrated how to catalogue the pieces to sell online.

For the exhibition in GoMA the pupils took part in GoMA’s Creative Industries  workshops. Learning about the variety of skills and job roles that are involved in producing an exhibition, the pupils visited the Gallery, held team meeting with various departments such as marketing and logistics. They curated and installed the exhibition which ran from Friday  the 13th of June till Sunday the 29th of June, 2016.

To learn more about Scribbles at Hollybrook their website
Once on the website, click on the ‘Scribbles’ tab

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