A Picture Show, Gallery 2

A Picture Show, installation shot. Individual works © the artists. Image © Ruth Clark
A Picture Show, installation shot. Individual works © the artists. Image © Ruth Clark

Glasgow Museums is a vast organisation with colleagues spread across the venues in the city. Catching up can sometimes be particularly hard to do outside of formal meetings, but sharing our work is important. Today the Fine Art subject curators (including British Art (c.1800 -1960); Chinese Art and Far Eastern Civilisations and Medieval and Rennaissance) plus the Research Manager for Fine Art met at GoMA today and were treated to a tour of A Picture Show by Sean McGlashan, who curated the show. We had some really interesting discussions around the works themselves, painting practices and relationships to the collections that Glasgow Museums holds.

If you haven’t been to see A Picture Show or checked the info out online yet, here is a little more information. The artists in A Picture Show ” live and work in Glasgow. They all consider painting to be central to their practice. Although there are some common concerns within the group there is no single unifying aspect to their work, or ‘theme’ to the exhibition. Each artist is unique, ‘making their own rules’ through painting.

GoMA has worked closely with the artists, selecting the works, discussing the ideas and generating the texts associated with the show.This is the first group show of Glasgow-based painters at GoMA and rather than a comprehensive survey it is a focused selection, bringing out some of the complexity, subtlety and variety of this art form.”

The artists are: Neil Clements, Michael Fullerton, Lotte Gertz, Charlie Hammond, Louise Hopkins, Merlin James, Andrew Kerr, Victoria Morton, Carol Rhodes, Tony Swain, Hanneline Visnes and George Ziffo.

There is an online publication coming soon to accompany the exhibition and we will post a link to that once it is available. There is still plenty of time to catch the exhibition (it closes in January 2014) and we are planning to develop some talks and events associated with the show. So look out for more information on that as well.

If you are coming in the next month it would be lovely if you could take some time to fill a questionnaire we have for the show (copies available in the gallery or from a Gallery Assistant. This helps us develop our programmes and resources here at the gallery and your responses are much appreciated.

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