We are now accepting applications for the new cohort of the GoMA Youth Group 2021-2022

The GoMA Youth Group would like to invite young people aged 16-25 to take part in our 2020/21 programme.

We are looking for people with an interest in museums, galleries, or contemporary art or who consider themselves creative and are looking to develop skills and experience while meeting like-minded individuals.

The GoMA Youth Group (GYG) is a Creative Scotland funded programme. It was established in 2019 to give local young people the opportunity to develop creative skills by working with gallery professionals in a popular and iconic space in the heart of Glasgow, the Gallery of Modern Art. The group is formed each year by a different cohort of 10-15 young people, aged 16-25, who work with staff at Glasgow Museums to deliver a youth-centred programme of events. They meet weekly and decide for themselves what they want to do together, how they want to develop their creative skills and how to spend a fixed budget.

As part of the programme, you will be receiving training and gain experience of working within the creative industries. You will be supported in proposing, developing and delivering your own events at the Gallery of Modern Art, representing the vision of young people is our institution.

No qualification or experience necessary – just enthusiasm! All meetings will be held on a Tuesday afternoon at GoMA, from October 2021. We will provide travel expenses and refreshments.

For any enquiries and to apply, download the application form below and submit it to jennifer.keenan@glasgowlife.org.uk by the 19th September 2021.

The GoMA Youth Group is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with the support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine.

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