GROWTH: Disruption, Resilience, Resistance 15–23 February 2020

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Disruption, Resilience, Resistance
Gallery 1
15–23 February 2020

This show is the final outcome of a year-long collaboration between GoMA and its newly established GoMA Youth Group (GYG). GYG is a creative initiative of young people aged 16–25, who are working with GoMA to deliver a youth-centred programme of activities and events. In collaboration with Glasgow Museums’ staff, the young adults in the group have proposed, developed, and delivered their own events aimed at an audience of peers, culminating in this exhibition.

GROWTH aims to explore how this generation deals with an increasingly complex and fluid world, while showcasing the work of young artists. In our time, young people are growing up with feelings of risks and uncertainties caused by global trends such as the current climate emergency, large scale conflicts, globalisation and inequalities.

The six young artists in this exhibition were selected by our Youth Group for the nature of their practice, in which they discuss their search for a sustainable path. They do so by looking at intersecting identities, ecology and consumerism.

By claiming the main space at GoMA Gallery 1, the young adults of GYG and collaborating artists hope to invite others to take a stand for their future and to show the role of contemporary art as a key arena for social action.

Please see the GYG Facebook page for the programme of events and chance to meet the artists.

Artists: Emma Gillanders; PJ Harper; Gemma Kerr; Christina Kyriakidou; Matthew Rimmer and Samuel Temple

GoMA Youth Group: Ben Allardyce, Nell Cardozo, Dana Cruickshank, Simone Deegan, Alice Fayaud, Dominika Jarzynska, Caitlin Meldrum, Militsa Milenkova, Elliot Shaw and Kateřina Svatošova

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