BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK (2021) Stephanie Black- Daniels

Image by Tiu Makkonen, live performance of BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK, GoMA, Oct 2021

Friday 22 October 5.30pm
Gallery 1

BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK was developed for the opulent Gallery 1 in the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) as part of a series of performances commissioned by the charity Glasgow Life to mark the museum’s 25th anniversary and supported by Art Fund’s Respond and Reimagine Fund. It was commissioned from Stephanie Black-Daniels who is an artist, researcher and facilitator based in Glasgow whose practice explores the dynamics between body, object and action and developed in the space. BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK was developed post-pandemic as the artist was finding her place as a new mother, artist within her practice of live performance in relation to the architecture of public buildings.

Performers: Stephanie Black-Daniels, Lily Ross-MIllard & Christiana Bissett
Sound Design: Calum Patterson
Digital graphics: Louie Pegna

The work was documented and the following is a response to the live performance that took place. Thomas McCulloch is a producer and performance artist. He graduated from the RCS (formally RSAMD) in 2010 with a first class honours degree in Contemporary Performance Practice. He has presented his performance work at The Arches, Buzzcut Festival, Green Room Manchester and with Perfo Puerto Chile. He was invited to wtiness the performance and create a text in response to it. The text is intended to be another layer to access the themes of the work and a way to invite audiences to experience the work who were unable to attend. This work utilises a pre-recorded binaural sound design and the artist invites you to listen to this 30 minute long sound design whilst engaging with the text at home, providing a different angle to explore some of the themes in the work such as bodies, territory and their aesthetic, political and social distance with one another.


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