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Siobhan Davies Dance
Siobhan Davies Dance

Siobhan Davies is one of seven artists who have been invited to present work in Every Day, a sculpture exhibition which aims to question material, subject matter and display. Her live piece with dance artist Helka Kaski, adds a physical take on the theme of the exhibition by drawing attention to simple movements, meticulously dismantling their timing and order.​

This is a unique departure for GoMA and we are really looking forward to the work being in the exhibition. It will be here from 11 – 16 June and there is more information on the Siobhan Davies website . We are also fortunate to be able to host the opportunity for you to hear Siobhan Davies, Helka Kaski and Ben Harman discuss the commission on Thursday 13 June at 6pm in GoMA.

We will post images from the work during the week 11 -16 June and would love to see yours!

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