Objective, a city wide conversation on sculpture

Objective is a city wide conversation on sculpture. 16 venues with a brand new space opening up for the duration of the project (Tender Bar) and multiple events and performances. Glasgow will celebrate, discuss and challenge sculpture during March and April 2013.

So grab a map from one of the venues and go explore the city and contemporary sculpture then join in conversation with the many free events, performance and workshops. #Objective

Objective PDF

It’s been months of preparation, actually a rather quick turn around from the first meeting in November, but finally we can make the programme public.

Objective is just what is says, a city wide conversation on sculpture. Initiated by GoMA’s learning and access department as part of the wider programme for our upcoming show Every Day which has works by Niall Macdonald, Laura Aldrige, Mick Peter, Hayley Tompkins, Scott Myles, Carla Scott Fullerton and opens to the public 5:30pm March the 21st. The artists and works in Every Day are amazing, but we realised this was only the tip of the iceberg for what’s happening with sculpture right now in Glasgow, and all over the world, so lets open it up for every one to show and discuss sculpture. We want GoMA to be at the heart of art discourse within the city but also GoMA is a museums and it’s collection held by the people of Glasgow, the building is for the people and is a resource. So we are a resource for artist, curators, galleries, art students as well and wanted to try and highlight this. Most people who work in GoMA have gone to art school, studied history of art, still practice, write, volunteer at artist run space etc so we realise the depth of exciting work throughout Glasgow and how hard it can be. This project is just another way GoMA is trying to open up, forge links, support practise and in the end discuss, challenge, debate and most importantly show contemporary art. And there’s some amazing work to be seen during March and April while Objective is running.

Objective isn’t curated by GoMA, it was an open call. GoMA has only produced the print which brings it all together. Just as GoMA has put on Every Day, curated by Ben Harman, each Gallery, organisation, artist, curator, has produced an exhibition or event that would normally sit within their own programme or practise. A perfect example of this is Mick Peter’s show Trademark Horizon at SWG3. Mick Peter is in Every Day so when I approached Joey and Camille at SWG3 it was great to find they had programmes a solo show of Mick Peter’s work around the same time. People could see his work in GoMA then if they liked it head west through the city to see more of his work or vice versa where someone could see the show in SWG3 come to GoMA to see more work then be exposed to work of his piers then head out to the city to explore more. Well that’s my dream anyway. Haha. Throughout Objective all the exhibitions and events sound amazing and exciting. I’m particularly looking forward to Ross Sinclair’s show I Tried To Give Up Drinking With Guitars Instead Of God at The Duchy and can’t wait to see the finished large scale colourful works in the show Adult Soft Play by Alex Allan curated by Janine Matheson at the Briggait. A particularly exciting addition to the programme also held at the Briggait will be Tender Bar featuring Special guests which is a new temporary installation built especially for Objective. A collaborative project initiated by Danny Holcroft and Ragnar Jonasson the space will be open 15th March till 26th of April with events and performances and lots more happening every Friday night from 7pm. Keep an eye on this blog and GoMA’s Facebook page, GalleryofModernArt.GlasgowMuseums, and Twitter  @GlasgowGoMA feed for updates on what will be happening.

Grab a map at any of the venues and join the conversation. Looking forward to seeing you at all the openings and events.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who has gotten involved with Objective and a spacial thanks to Bart Manders who designed the print and had to correct so many ‘final proofs’.


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