Six Months In … Six Months To Go!

What a packed few months it’s been here at GoMA!

I’m now six months into my internship and my enthusiasm for the role is at an all time high from the amount of exciting events that have taken place.

On a research trip to Edinburgh we visited exhibitions at the Fruitmarket Gallery, the Dovecot Studios, Stills and the Collective’s new building. Perfect for a lot of instagram photos … and also conversations around contemporary art!

On the 17th of February we had Take Over Day with pupils from Hyndland and St Constantine’s primary come and take over the jobs in the museum. I worked with the Caroline and with two pupils as they took over her role as a Learning Assistant. They devised a fantastic workshop based on Ian Hamilton Finlay which they then delivered to their co-workers and which will be used as a Saturday Art Club on the 29th of March. Check out this article in The Evening Times that covered the day!

A personal delight for me this month was participating in the KennardPhillips Workshop. I find their work both relatable and provocative. I was nervous that I would show myself up with my lack of experience and knowledge of the art world, particularly since we would actually be making art, which is not something I’ve claimed to have done since I was very little! However, the atmosphere in the workshop was completely relaxed and both artists took time to discuss my work and introduce me to new techniques which I really appreciated.

Later in the evening they made a very moving performance that brought their work to  life in the atmospheric setting of Gallery 1. Again their relaxed approach gave the audience the opportunity to question them on the context and creation of their work. I do feel that this was yet another once in a life time opportunity I’ve had since starting at GoMA.

On the same day as the KennardPhillips performance was the long awaited opening of Atelier Public #2. The exhibition is a ‘space to play’ where the public are responsible for making the art work! It’s been so exciting to see the blank walls of the gallery be transformed each day. My internship has a lot to do with the theory behind museums and art galleries and the role that they have in society. Museums have reputations of being stagnant, quiet places that try to constrict children, or anyone of any ages behaviour. Now people are being invited into the gallery to be creative, be loud (especially loud as there is a microphone for your own use!) and above all to have fun!

I’m particularly intrigued about the idea of a ‘Destruction Event’ on Thursday 10th of April. At first I didn’t really grasp the purpose of the event, however, as Katie the curator of the show reminded me, part of playing is destroying or tidying up what you’ve made! Knocking down the dominoes, sweeping away the clutter or peeling glue of your sticky hands has always been one of the most satisfying aspects of playing. Don’t worry though everything’s fully photographed and documented and the public are free to come and save their artworks!

These last six months have made me even more excited for what we have coming up this summer so stay posted for further information!

Becca McSheaffrey

Intern of Generation and Co-Production at the Gallery of Modern Art


KennardPhillips Workshop.

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