Sue Tompkins ‘Come To Ozark’, 6 March–21 April 2014


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GI 2014 opened with a packed out performance in Gallery 4 for Sue Tompkins’s show on the top floor of GoMA. There is also one later tonight at 6 -7 pm and worth coming along to witness.

Her exhibition makes brilliant use of Gallery 4 and the installation, along with her lighting specifics make you feel you are in a different place all together. This exhibition finishes at the end of the GI2014 Festival (ie: Monday 21 April!!) so not too much time to catch it left!!!

“Come to Ozark is an exhibition that imagines arrival in a fictional place – a place Tompkins explores through text and performance in this series of new works. The exhibition, framed to emulate aspects of poetic or musical composition, physically embodies qualities of tempo, rhythm, symmetry and cadence.

To Tompkins ‘Ozark’ is a fictional place which allows her to explore ideas of arrival and departure, journey and discovery in her typewritten text pieces presented throughout the gallery.

Sue Tompkins is a collector of found phrases, words, and lyrics. Through her typed and spoken works she re-presents snatches of material gleaned from the everyday, distorting meaning by metering their arrangement and delivery.”

Tompkins will present a new performance during the festival, performed at the following times and locations. All are welcome and entrance is free.

Performance 1 – GoMA on 3rd April, 6pm – been and gone but make sure you manage to catch one of the remaining 2 performances.
Performance 2 – BBC on 14th April, 6.30pm
Performance 3 – GoMA on 17th April, 6pm

Sue Tompkins (b. 1971) lives and works in Glasgow, UK

Supported by The Modern Institute.

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