Coffee with a Curator: LGBT History Month

Coffee with a curator: An introduction to the history of LGBTQ+ programming at GoMA

Coffee with a curator: An introduction to the history of LGBTQ+ programming at GoMA (subtitles available)

GoMA turns 25 years old in 2021 and, as part of this anniversary, we are reflecting on the work we have done and where we might go. This presentation is recorded from the first of our series of online talks. Producer Curator Katie Bruce presents a brief overview of the history of LGBTQ+ programming at GoMA since the museum opened in 1996.

The video started a little after the talk began and Katie Bruce had introduced the talk by saying she would be highlighting programmes and projects which focussed on LGBTQ+ lives and histories. This talk unfortunately did not have the time to cover all the queer strategies employed by artists and freelance curators in exhibitions and public programmes for the gallery or reference the number of LGBTQ+ artists currently on display or in the collection. The Q&A section was not recorded to allow attendees to ask open questions without feeling that these would be made public.

The following links were posted in the chat to give people further information on the LGBTQ+ programmes, artists and exhibitions mentioned.

1997 Pierre et Gilles – Grit and Glitter
1999 In a Different Light
2000 Fernando Arias
2001 Louise Shambrook and Ian Passmore
2001 Shrine to Self
2001 Gay Teapots
2001 Typical Men
2008 Mathew Buckingham and Peter Hujar
2009 sh[OUT]
2009 Drawn Out and Painted Pink
2009 Our Vivid Stories
2009 Made in God’s Image
2009 Rendering Gender
2009 The Controversies
2009 A Spot of b)other : LGBTI Deaf and Disabled Cultures
2009 Familiar Strangers
2018 queer timɘs school prints
2018 After Dark – to watch video made of the livestream
2019 Hal Fischer: Gay Semiotics and other major works
Bobby Grierson – Beyond Drag DJ
Hal Fischer talk

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